Employee Benefits


We are known for our remarkably affordable benefit designs, where most of our clients are able to offer multiple health plan designs, with complete ACA compliance, at an average per employee monthly cost of UNDER $100 

Of course, some employers like to keep it simple, so offering the full range of health, dental, vision and life insurance products is also right up our alley!

Every employer finds the details and documentation necessary to stay current with ever-changing regulations is a huge burden. 


We help employers by sharing this load. With our industry connections to attorneys, CPAs and other subject matter experts, our clients get the support they desparately need.      Plus we deliver 24/7 access to personalized web resources on the latest legislative updates and hot topics.  We offer onsite training and assistance on HR, compliance, health care reform, wellness, + much more!


Workers Compensation

We beleive an unsafe workplace is a HUGE cost to any business.  Our materials, trainers, and loss control services help employers figure out what to do (and what not to do), so that they can acheive the clearest path to a truly safe work environment.

Let us demonstrate to you that a long term committment to appropriate safeguards and healthy work environments will lower your  Workers Comp costs




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